About Us


You are in the right place if you seek to awaken hope. And if you love positively uplifting statement fashion inspired by identity, truth and culture. If you love designs birthed from living thoughts; global chic and African Ankara patterns; plus fashion, health and wellness, food, multiculture, entertainment and community - (I know, that was a mouthful) then you've found your tribe.

Tribal Marks is a creative outreach, fashion and lifestyle brand. It came together in 2010 as one expression for just a few life catalysts I am passionate about – love, identity, freedom, truth, culture... and ending Human Trafficking.

Nothing rivets me more than the process of true freedom and transformation as we arrest, uplift and change the inner dialogue; get a revelation of how loved and incredibly creative we are; and renew our minds accordingly.

Taking a survey of what else was out there influencing people, it became pretty clear that right along with the lawmakers of the land, the art, media and entertainment industry also had its share in shaping the mind of society for better or worse.

I was convinced that our community – [through partnership, creative outreach, mentorship programs, anti-human trafficking services, and performing art events] – had a unique opportunity to leave an eternal mark… and here we are.

So Why Choose Tribal Marks?

As lovers of people, we realized we struggled to find other brands that loved community, elevated the conversation and sold unique, uplifting, identity driven, quality products while offering great service. That is why I created the Tribal Marks lifestyle. We have made it our mission to provide all of our tribe with the following: 

  • Heart riveting encouragement and inspiration
  • A range of great quality statement designs
  • A focus on innovative products designed by me that are not available in brick-and-mortar stores. 
  • Customer centric support that is friendly and efficient. 

What you can expect to find

I continue to draw my inspiration and process from my convictions, my husband and children; my parents; my multicultural family upbringing; education and experience; and global travels. I'm driven by the victories and trials I've faced, as as well as outreaches and mission work along with the stories and connections made since stepping out into this call. I'm pretty much obsessed with helping people get liberated and unleashed into their God-given identity and purpose!

So you can expect to find:

• Those signature words and typography that breathe life into you and identify and call out the incredible potential in you and others. Let them radiate through the style you select for your person; home decor; office space; or gifts.

• Collections of inspired unique graphic athleisure, t-shirts, stretch pants/leggings; other clothing items and designs, featuring prints inspired by global chic patterns and prints like the African Ankara Wax print.

• Heart and mind-changing, wellness coaching, community outreach, pop ups and events both online and possibly in a city near you!


Get your hopes up,

'Dami and The Tribe