Why it's probably time to start cursing

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As I get into this, first, notice I didn't say "cussing"! I'll get to that in a moment.
I really hope this post finds you well in spite of all the unique changes our communities and the world are facing right now.

With the various types of communication you may be surrounded by, I wanted to jump in, cut to the chase and encourage our tribe.
I've sensed a great deal of fear literally jumping on people and have had the exciting privilege of being built up and helping to build beloved ones up as well.

Over the years, one of the principles you may know I like to emphasize is the process of becoming while beholding: "What you behold, you become". 
You also know that I hammer on "SAYING what you want to SEE".

It is time to set your eyes on hope, and curse the fear and disease! Yup. Speak.

One definition of a curse is simply being "programmed for failure".
So, to curse a thing or a person is to command it to fail.
Now I'm not suggesting you wish for a person's failure - we reserve that for the enemy – The fear, the disease and the hopelessness!
And as I learned in my growing up back and forth in two worlds of the United States and Nigeria, I learned that "cussing" in America was different from "Cursing." The former is merely emotionally charged or just one's preferred way of speaking, but likely profane, vulgar and unbecoming. The latter, however can assume a level of authority, minus the heebie-jeebies :)

We often forget the power of our words and our authority. Words have power to create and to destroy. Authority is often executed through commands. 
If you experienced an intruder in your home and you were well armed with the upper hand, you would speak directly to that intruder and force him/her out and even annihilate the intruder!
But we neglect this aspect of authority when it comes to our mind and spirit. All the negativity swarming in there must be evicted for you to win the battlefield of the mind, and seriously, deal with that virus the same way and tell it, NOT TODAY, Coronavirus! NOT TODAY, fear!

You cannot thrive, nor become creative or resourceful without hope. Hope is not being out of touch with reality - rather it's a force that is truly activated because of setbacks and adversity. If you already had "it" and had all the answers, or if you could already see everything manifested, then hope is a pointless principle. True hope is defined as a "confident expectation of good." And ultimately, confidence comes from remembering that you are absolutely loved and of high value. There's so much more for you than what seems insurmountably against you.

It's becoming obvious to many that if you feed continually on information that induces fear in you, you will experience negative challenges in your spirit, mind and body. It's one thing to gather information and facts; but it's another thing to live it and breathe it.
Fear and uncertainty are paralyzing and silencing. Think about the power of negative information. It enters in to your mind and then it comes out in the form of your repetitive words and actions. It gets repeated, shared, exaggerated and aggressive. Somewhere in transition, fear jumps on and rides on the waves of what was intelligent information and finds opportunity to latch on to the souls of people.  

The real you - in your heart, however, responds to faith and hope and craves it when you finally hear it again. And you're reminded that you can respond with empowerment. After you sanitize, and keep your distance and all the due diligence, yet still lack that rest for fear of all the things lurking in the air that you might have missed - remember love and hope and open your mouth and SPEAK. 

Your words will interrupt any negative train of thoughts you may have and your words will influence you atmosphere.

All the best to you as we all weather this process together.



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