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For many, it's been a long year of extreme hand washing, sanitizers, harsh chemicals and dry skin, so I figured it was a good time to share more about this super helpful relief - not just for your hands, but for your health and glowing beauty regimen.

Many are finding it helpful from the hand drying effects of battling the virus, because it’s always been a super emollient dry-skin saver.

Ever since I first shared about this super skin food and introduced it to our tribe through different solutions (deodorants, butter balms etc) - Raw African Shea Butter continues to be a shopper favorite, and rightfully so, because I swear by it, haha!

And perhaps you've already heard of this toxin-free, truly natural, straight from a tree - skin glowing, super moisturizing, stretch mark, eczema and cellulite reducer; but here's a fun fact - did you know you could also eat pure Raw African Shea Butter? It's certainly a common practice in some of the regions it's sourced from, but not so much in the western world. Sigh...

It's also touted in many cosmetic ingredients (though in small quantities), but many still don't realize it's power in it's raw state - a superior body butter all by itself!

As for me it’s pretty much my everyday highly effective beauty regimen; deodorant base; pregnancy stretch mark reducer; muscle and skin rejuvenator; all over baby body and diaper balm; boo-boo balm; plus a real nipple balm; and a nasty sore throat zapper (when I warmed it up and ingested it - advise courtesy of my eighty something year old Yoruba mother. So you know she knows)!

It's all I use along with a couple of carrier oils and certain distillates and hydrosols for hair and skin moisturizing and healing regimens for the entire family. You know, #skinimalist #rawbeauty #savings #realsimplicity #byebyetoxins :)

So of course, I created a collection some years ago, and shared it in our boutique!


'Just a little bit more on what Shea Butter does: 

The Raw African Shea butter from the Central and West African Shea Karite Tree is extremely high in antioxidants and essential fatty acids that help keep your skin's cellular structure youthful and moisturized:

-Provides Anti Inflammatory and Anti Aging benefits

-A natural non-comedogenic (won't clog pores) collagen booster, that helps reduce wrinkles, stretch marks, scars and cellulite

-Leaves your skin feeling buttery soft, and with a glow; it's great for hair, skin and nails of all ages; and Generally Regarded as Safe (GRAS) by the FDA

-Protects babies from diaper rashes

-Protects nipples from soreness and cracking from breastfeeding

-Relieves eczema, winter dry kin, bruises, sunburn, and wind burn

-Gives a natural sunscreen SPF of about 10

Now - many aspects of wellness beauty are most effective from inside out, but Shea does a lot of work from the skin too!

And when ingested by adding a spoon to your smoothie, taking it straight or cooking with it, you'll be getting those healing super food and healthy fat compounds working in your body (be sure to take the pure raw organic form). If you take it straight, it smells and tastes like a tree though.
And no, I haven't tried to eat a tree before. 

-Try it, or at least give it a shot for your skin and hair and let yourself glow, feel soft and smooth "like a baby's bottom":)

Dr. Axe shares a little more on it here

So what do you think? Have you used Raw Shea Butter before? Have you tried it internally? Leave me a comment below. 

You can also check out my SheaCrafted Collection of raw body butter balms, plus infused butters with added healing properties and scents of Essential Oil blends here at


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