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One of the inspired rants I shared during our cool down "Think Again and Be" moment at the last Pop Up event was about owning what is yours (starting with your mind). 
Without a doubt there is something, in fact several things that's worth celebrating about you!
And depending on where you are on the continuum of growth and maturity, you may have zero awareness of the incredible value you have to offer; or you could be on an increasingly delightful journey of awareness and productivity with the growing pains that come with the territory.

So here's what I asked everyone to do; and I'm asking you as well: Pick a word/adjective that you want to be associated with or grow into. It's even possible that you are already well acquainted with this word and you like owning it!

For example, during one of the Love On events with Even Vanity Ends I chose the fun word "Lit" because I already owned and felt like celebrating it in that moment.
But in other sessions since then; I have chosen other words that I have not felt like I've owned, but I intend to. Why, because one of my major creeds, as you may already know, is "What you focus on; you become." And being intentional about your thoughts is equivalent to being intentional about your focus and your life.

C.S Lewis also put it this way: "We are what we believe we are. Let's start believing the truth.

So, do you have your word yet? I'm going to assume it's a positively uplifting one! And remember, it doesn't have to be one you already "feel" like, or think you've dominated.

Just start by picking one.
Now only one more thing for this time. I want you to swap out your name with that word and just have wonderful thoughts seeing yourself living out the essence of this word. Then see it again. Carve out moments in your day to do this. Come on, your life is worth this discipline.
Is it being kind; forgiving; courageous; truthful; not easily offended; loyal; hopeful; gracious; patient; prosperous; wise; content; positive; stylish; creative; healthy; strong; assertive...?
Watch and see your life transform as your thoughts do :)

And if you don't mind sharing your chosen word with me, I'd love to hear it. Share in the comments and let me know!

-And finally, the PODCAST that so many of you have requested of me is launching soon. Gosh, you can truly look forward to heart riveting inspiration, hope, joy and coaching to help you sustain an uplifted, purposeful and resourceful state.

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Thanks for connecting!

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