The Ankara Face Mask - reusable with Filter and Pocket

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We stay obsessed with building you up - and these super versatile Ankara face masks are a (wonderful) setup for encouragement! With their unique patterns, colors and fabric; along with the remarkable stories they will tell of identity, hope and culture!

Let them serve as a visual reminder to you and those you meet to think and live remarkably; and then speak hope (even though your mouth might be covered).

Transitioning from our Face Mask donation campaign, we are still working through made to order production and shipping with high demand. Please continue to be patient as we keep working to get our face masks to our friends in the hospitals and health sectors as needed first.

Please expect approximately 5-10 business days for delivery. 

Colors and fabric supply may change as we move through inventory, so current offerings are subject to change.


Making these masks have struck a nerve with us. We love to design, we love to give and we love to encourage and solve problems. Therefore we’ve added this collection and dedicated manual time and labor to creating these for our community.

As a small business, we asked you, our tribe to help support our initiative through our Buy 1, Give 1 Campaign and we were blown away by your support!

There is so much creativity, resilience and generosity in you and many out there. We will overcome!

And now we, have the continuous joy of helping to support your stay safe efforts by continuing to make these masks available along with additional patterns/colors.


We developed these non-surgical masks after research on best practices, fit, functionality, versatility and most effective and available filter materials as well as fun 100% cotton Ankara wax print patterns! They are not direct substitutes for practicing physical /social distancing nor are they a substitute for procedural masks. They are not FDA approved.

These masks, however when used in conjunction with other precautions should help contribute to decreasing person-to-person droplet transmission. 

About the mask you’re buying:


Our fashion is also obsessed with function and versatility You'll notice the versatility built in for you such as-

1. Reuseable/Rewashable African Ankara or Batik dry 100% cotton fabric mask with contrast binding and butter soft brushed cotton inner layer

2. Fit-Your-Face Feature: A contour-able nose bridge wire to help shape the mask around your nose to secure in place; and to support breathability and safety from gaping air pockets.

3. Comes with disposable high-performance filter
4. A built-in pocket to insert and replace the filter
5. The updated and smoothest, removable, replaceable super soft, adjustable elastic band ever.

Bonus Extra: (we’ve added a couple of extra filters for your convenience)

To find more filter options look for:
-HEPA grade filters used in air purifiers or air conditioning units
-Blue Shop Towels
-Vacuum cleaner bags are also said to be very effective, as well as disposeable paper materials like coffee filters.
The effectiveness of these suggestions have a range. And come with the support of being sandwiched between two cotton pieces in our masks.

-Insert your disposable filter in your mask if it’s not already in your mask
-Tie adjustable elastic snuggly to suit your face/ears. Then tuck the ends away behind your ears to keep it sleek.
Optionally, you may even use double-sided tape to seal the mask to your face.

-Contour the Fit-Your-Face reshape-able top frame of your mask around your nose and cheek bones and pull mask down to your chin.
-As a styling tip, you may also shape the pleats to add more breathing space and style between your face and fabric

-Toxin free tip:
Spray your mask and filter with organic vinegar or alcohol sanitizer spray in between quick uses during your day when you’re not able to wash yet. 

-Remove filter before washing
-The mask should be hand washed after soaking in high temperature soap and water for a few minutes. Remember it has the Fit-Your-Face contour wire feature. 
-The filter should be disposed of after use
-Avoid pulling mask down the nose and mouth with your hands, rather, lower it from the sides by your ears.



These masks are NOT direct substitutes for N95, surgical, or procedural masks and are NOT FDA approved. 


This item is for personal use and cannot be returned.

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